About Jala

We are a diverse team making translation more accessible
to those who need it most.

Our Story

We understand the language barriers that many organisations, communities and individuals face.

Jala was founded to serve a growing need for accessible and quality translations, and the gap that exists between machine and traditional human translators.

By combining human capital and translation technology, our aim is to make reliable translations accessible to all.

The Team

Hans Lee

Head Honcho

Hans is an ex-journalist and full time pun-dit who leads Potato Productions.

Likes - comics, puns, vanilla milkshakes

Speaks - Chinese, Cantonese

“I intend to do a PhD in bilingual puns.”

Janis Ong


Jani is a compulsive problem solver with too many ideas but little time to execute.

Likes - composting, baking banana bread

Speaks - Chinese, Japanese

“...needs more orange.”

Deric Atienza

Lead developer

Deric is a brogrammer with a background in computer science and game design.

Likes - Marvel, video games, bacon

Speaks - Tagalog


Amrutha Mohan

Senior developer

Amrutha is an experienced Java developer who’s now living the startup life.

Likes - yoga, Netflix, brunch

Speaks - Malayalam

“I’m going for brunch.”

Dewi Fitzpatrick

Business development

Dewi has a background in translation and history. She is our voice of reason.

Likes - her dogs, tea, dancing

Speaks - German, Indonesian

“This reminds me of...”

Sharan Makarla

Product Designer

Sharan has a background in engineering but somehow ended up in design instead.

Likes - Metallica, Manchester United, sharks

Speaks - Tamil, Telugu

“Is anyone else starving?”


We are always open to working with passionate and talented people. If you like what we do, come join our team!

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