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Head to the Jala login page and click ‘Sign Up’ upon entering your details. An activation link will be sent to your registered email to verify and activate your account.

Click ‘forgot password’ on the Jala login page and a new password will be sent to your registered email.


While Jala keeps your projects on the platform for easy access, it’s always safer to keep a copy of your files on your own computer, especially while we’re in beta.

Not in our current Beta version. Jala is a platform accessible to anyone who has projects that need translating. Once a project has been posted to the community, it’ll be available for the public to preview or download so that volunteer translators can know what kind of project they’re taking on. Original owners of a project can choose to allow or deny a translated project to show on another user’s profile. Look out for future Jala updates that may offer confidentiality or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how Jala can help you with your translation needs.

Select the project you’d like to report and click on the ‘Report’ flag icon underneath the title. Our team will be notified and will act accordingly. Jala is not liable for copyrighted content uploaded to the platform but will remove projects that breach our policy. Users’ should only upload content for which they have the right to upload and share freely with others.

Translation Questions

Jala maximizes translation reliability by combining machine translation, translation memory, and a ratings-based community of users volunteering their language skills. When choosing a translator, Jala recommends that you consider the user’s language background, experience and rating.

If you are not happy with a translation carried out on Jala you can re-submit that project and select another translator. If you believe the translator to be ill-equipped to translate or using the platform against community guidelines, you can report the translator to [email protected].

Jala’s mission of bridging the language divide is universal. Our goal is to allow users to translate any language on Jala.

That being said, our current focus is on underserved South East Asian language combinations. In Jala Beta, these include resources and support for Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English and Myanmar.

Jala’s vision is to translate projects that matter. The platform is a place for all meaningful translation projects, be they of individual meaning or of high cultural value. Some examples of projects to translate on Jala include: short stories, poems, academic articles, blogs, websites, essays, legal documents, manuals, scientific research, reports, funding pitches, informational brochures and handouts, educational material, writing of cultural significance, historical accounts, plays, religious documents and social entrepreneurial translation needs.

Rewards, Points, Ratings

Jala calculates points for every project listed based on difficulty and word count. Every time you complete a project you earn points.

Points can be used in the Rewards Store to redeem rewards such as charitable gifts, coupons, or cash-in prizes. (Coming soon)


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